The Forager's Path specializing in Courses and Workshops in Herbal Medicine and Botanical Studies showing people the beauty and uses of herbs in the Southwest. Our herbal studies courses are mainly held in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.  

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We are based in Flagstaff, Arizona at 7000', among the awe-inspiring landscapes of northern Arizona and the Colorado Plateau. The wide range of elevation in our area allows us to access flora from the Upper Sonoran Desert Grasslands at 3500' up to the majestic Alpine Zone of the nearby San Francisco Peaks at 12,600'.

Community Herbalism
Our education programs emphasize the development and training of Community Herbalists: folks committed to the use of plant medicine with their families, friends and local communities. Monarda - bee balm, horsemint, oswego tea, or bergamot - is a traditional favorite herbal remedy for the perennial border, with a striking display of richly-coloured flowers through the summer months. Foliage is delightfully fragrant. A favorite of both butterflies and hummingbirds.Classes at The Forager's Path offer high quality training in both the theory and practical application of Southwest Herbs & Edibles, Ayurveda and Essential Oils.

Southwest Herbs & Edibles
In these courses, the goal is to empower students in Bio-Regional Herbalism: to identify, grow, harvest, process and become proficient in the plant-based medicine and edibles from the many life zones of the American Southwest. A special emphasis is on the flora within a 50 mile radius of one's home. The instruction is a combination of indoor classes and outdoors, hands-on interaction with the plants.

This portion of the program presents the framework of energetic healing with an emphasis on the Ayurvedic view. Students acquire a working knowledge of the foundation principles of this healing tradition. Herbal treatment concept with linden, ginger, chamomile and golden seed,golden rod. Aromatherapic oils, herbal remedies and ayurvedic medicines with burlap background.Topics include Cooling-Warming, Moistening-Drying, the 5 Elements and the relevance of the Six Tastes.

These universal ideas allow us to have a deeper understanding of who we are and our individual health challenges. Ayurveda provides us with guidelines for choosing the proper herbs and diet to match our specific needs.

Essential Oils
This curriculum takes us from the plants' production of oils in the forest and fields, through the distillation process, to the bottle. Next, we learn a variety of application methods and therapeutic uses based on both scientific research and tradition. As always, there is frequent interaction with plants and oils; some familiar and some surprises.


Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our school and the programs we offer. We hope you find it helpful in your herbal journey. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

The Forager's Path - School of Herbal Medicine and Botanical Studies in Flagstaff, Arizona.


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The Forager's Path specializes in courses and workshops on Herbal Medicine, Plant Life, and Botanical Therapy.


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