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“Arizona Herbal medicine” “Sedona herbal medicine” “Phoenix herbal medicine” “Colorado herbal medicine” “Las Vegas herbal medicine” “Prescott herbal medicine” “Flagstaff herbal medicine” “Oak Creek Canyon” “New Mexico herbal medicine” “Flagstaff essential oil” “Flagstaff essential oils” “Flagstaff aromatherapy” “Prescott essential oil” “Prescott essential oils” “Prescott aromatherapy” “Sedona essential oil” “Sedona essential oils” “Sedona aromatherapy” “Phoenix essential oil” “Phoenix essential oils” “Phoenix aromatherapy” “Las Vegas essential oil” “Las Vegas essential oils” “Las Vegas aromatherapy”Many people want to know what types of healing or edible plants are already on their property. They are often surprised at what is available out the backdoor. We offer a “Land Assessment” consultation that functions as a personal plant walk on your property whether it is a suburban backyard or extensive acreage.

Together, we go over your property and discuss uses for the wide range of plants we find. In addition, recommendations can be given for landscaping with edible and medicinal plants.

Information covered includes: botanical name, which part to harvest, how and when to harvest, ways to process, dry and prepare the plant and its traditional uses, whether for food or to promote health.

As this consultation can take from two hours to a day or more, the price varies accordingly. Please contact us for details.

Notes from a recent Land Assessment are included below. This is the written portion to support the in-person plant assessment on a small residential lot located near the edge of a mixed juniper-ponderosa forest in Prescott, Arizona. The information provided is in response to questions that came up during the assessment.
Land Assessment for N
Goosefoot and Amamaranth – Chenopodium album and Amaranthus sp
Nutritional profile –

Wild Lettuce – Lactuca serriola
Tincture preparation –

Lesser periwinkle – Vinca minor is the source for vinpocetine, an alkaloid extract used to increase function in aging brains. Not commonly used in Western Herbal Medicine.

Goldenrod – Solidago sp.
Fresh flower infused in oil for topical healing of sore, bruised, tight or pulled muscles
Use Search Engine at for info.

Peppergrass – Lepidium spp.

Mountain mahogany – Cercocarpus montanus
See leaf close up at
Usage info in books by Michael Moore and Charles Kane

Red Root – Ceanothus sp.
See leaf close up at
Primary lymphatic

Mustard species (??)
You may also find it here –

Camphorweed – Heterotheca subaxillaris
Topical use only – See M. Moore and C. Kane

Silk Tassel – Garrya spp.

Oaks – Quercus spp.
There are many species and these hybridize in nature so species ID is often difficult. In general SW oaks have lower tannin acorns than other regions so the process is different than most foraging sources provide.

The following articles are East Cast based; acorns from this area are higher in tannins. These articles have great info on acorns in general even if the tannin info is different from our local species.

Arthur Haines is an excellent resource for wild foods in general and acorns specifically

“Eat The Weeds” is another good quality foraging site from Florida.


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