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March 16, 2020

**By Paul Bergner Herbal Medicine and the Cytokine Storm LINK **By Larken Bunce Elderberry and the Cytokine Storm LINK Continue >>>

March 15, 2020

**How COVID-19 is being treated in China by Traditional Chinese Medicine. A basic understanding of TCM is needed to benefit from this article. LINK **Good use of graphics to follow the movement of COVID-19 around the world LINK **Workers who face the greatest risk of exposure – from the NYT. LINK **By Aviva Romm An… Continue >>>

March 14, 2020

**By Stephen Buhner An update to his article linked directly below LINK **By Stephen Buhner This article contains a good description of COVID-19 plus the author’s recommendations for possible herbal protocols. LINK **By Dr Aviva Romm The author is a lifelong herbalist in addition to being an MD. She addresses how COVID-19 affects pregnancy and… Continue >>>

Latest Courses

Herbal Skin Care Workshop

Herbal Skin Care Workshop

This workshop is full. Registrsation is closed. Join us for this informative class that shows you how to make: -skin lotion -body butter -herbal-infused oil in your own kitchen. These herb-based skin care products and techniques have been used for 20+ years in my own herbal practice. Using only the best quality ingredients, these products… Continue >>>

Colorado Plateau Herbal Intensive 2020

Colorado Plateau Herbal Intensive 2020

The “Colorado Plateau Herbal Intensive” is a multi-day program designed to introduce people to the medicinal and edible plants of the southwest flora. This program is traditionally offered in late summer, when the wildflowers are at their peak bloom and the land is offering its bounty of food and medicine. The elevation range covered is… Continue >>>

Educational Resources

COVID-19, the Corona Virus Resource Page

This page has been created to provide ongoing and current information on herbal and healing strategies for this health issue. The newest dates are posted at the top of the page. This page is being updated often. Feel free to share. March 23, 2020 **By Vermont herbalist, Larken Bunce LINK March 21, 2020 **By Southwest… Continue >>>

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