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Sow Thistle, Sonchus oleraceus

A Recipe for Wild Greens Pesto

Late summer in the ponderosa forest, after the monsoons have taken effect, is my favorite time for wild greens. The two primary greens found here are goosefoot and amaranth. A nutritional profile from the USDA lists these two greens, along with dandelion leaves, as the three healthiest ‘weeds’ available to us. Besides the nutrition, another […]

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Foundations of Herbal Medicine – Attendance

This post specifically refers to the Foundations of Herbal Medicine program at our school. The main page is here. _____________________________________________ Attend – to be present at Attendance – the action or state of going regularly to or being present at a place or event Regular attendance in the Foundations program is essential to gain as […]

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Photo-Toxic Essential Oils

Some essential oils contain furanocoumarins. These organic chemical compounds can cause phyto-photo-dermatitis, which is the skin’s hypersensitivity to the UV rays of sunlight. Possible skin reactions include stinging, itching, blisters and burning. When using essential oils on the skin, it is important to either avoid using furanocoumarin oils or avoid exposure to the sun for […]

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Plant Profile: Yarrow

Botanical Name: Achillea millefolium, A. lanulosa  – There is an ongoing discussion whether these species are the same. A millefolium is more commonly used. Named after Achilles the warrior, the plant has a long tradition of stopping external bleeding. Millefolium refer to the alternate ‘thousand leaves’ of the foliage. Blooms from May through September in […]

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Understanding the Role of Endocrine Disruptors for Men’s and Women’s Reproductive Health

What are They? Chemicals that can increase and decrease the production of hormones in our body by disrupting the normal functioning of the endocrine glands. They especially affect estrogen, androgen and thyroid hormones. This throws many organ systems out of balance. This term is often used interchangeably with Xeno-estrogen or Xeno-hormones. This is an important […]

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Arnica montana

Old Fashioned Botanical Prints – Part 2

For Part 1, click here. I am especially fond of the old time hand drawn and colored plant illustrations that were common before the age of ** became the norm. Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of photography and love sharing my own plant images on the web. But there is something […]

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Is There Homework?

A common question from people interested in longer herb programs such as the Foundations of Herbal Medicine relates to homework. The question is simple: Is there homework and how much? The answer is both Yes and No. Yes – there is homework in the sense that people are expected to use herbs on a regular […]

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