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Plant Profile: Poison Hemlock

Whether foraging for greens or wildcrafting herbs, knowing the few toxic plants in one’s environment is essential. Poison hemlock is a potentially deadly plant that is frequently encountered in the forests and meadows of northern Arizona. This article and collection of photos is meant to help you identify this plant in your outdoor explorations and […]

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Plant Profile: Chenopodium album

Botanical Name: Chenopodium album Family: Chenopodiaceae Spinach, beets, chard and quinoa are also in this family Common Names: Goosefoot, Lambsquarters Primary Characteristics for Field ID: The leaves are in the shape of a goose’s foot which helps with the field ID for a non-botanist. Part Used for Medicine: Fresh leaves and fresh tips Habitat in […]

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Rewilding: A Connection to Nature

A guest blog by Arthur Haines from the Delta Institute at Rewilding Fundamentals Rewilding is a process for creating humans who can live in a healthful, truly sustainable manner, in close connection with their local landscape (i.e., as part of the wild ecology). It is a trajectory that anyone can follow, regardless of where […]

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How to Locate Medicinal & Edible Plants in the Arid SW

Changing elevation in the Southwest changes temperature, precipitation levels, evaporation rates and results in dependable and predictable changes in both flora and fauna. I consider these to be ‘normal’ places provide ‘normal’ flora. Keep in mind that even an undisturbed environment with average temperatures, water supply and sunlight for a given climate will provide many […]

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A trip to remote canyon country in southern Utah to teach a desert survival. course.

The Role of First Aid in Survival

The ability to do any needed first aid is an important skill in survival situations. An injury or illness is sometimes the reason for the survival situation. Fumbling through a small first aid booklet looking for the proper illustration is not the best way to respond to a medical emergency. First aid skills are highly […]

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