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Sow Thistle, Sonchus oleraceus

A Recipe for Wild Greens Pesto

Late summer in the ponderosa forest, after the monsoons have taken effect, is my favorite time for wild greens. The two primary greens found here are goosefoot and amaranth. A nutritional profile from the USDA lists these two greens, along with dandelion leaves, as the three healthiest ‘weeds’ available to us. Besides the nutrition, another […]

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Plant Profile: Wild Greens

Why We Should Eat Wild Greens As a group, wild greens are higher in nutrition than domestic produce grown on farms. This is true even for organically grown produce. The generations-long process of domesticating a plant involved selecting for a specific size, color, flavor or ripening date. This happened at the expense of reduced fiber […]

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10 Month “Foundations of Herbal Medicine” Course for 2019

Many people begin using herbs in small steps – something for sleep, a cold or maybe a headache. As one continues on the herbal path of independent study, information is pulled from many sources. After a few years, this person begins to identify as an herbalist and continues to increase both the learning and use […]

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Five Reasons for Sweet Cravings

The following article is taken from the curriculum presented during the Metabolic Syndrome class. This topic is included in both the Advanced Topics in Herbal Medicine and, beginning in 2019, the Foundations of Herbal Medicine programs. ———————————————————————– Simply informing someone that excess white sugar or processed carbs are unhealthy and should be taken out of […]

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Wild Greens for the Community Herbalist: Sow Thistle

Botanical Name: Sonchus oleraceus Family: Compositae Common Names: Sow Thistle Primary Characteristics for Field ID: The flower closely resembles a dandelion. The leaves are whorled. An annual. Part Used for Food: The leaves and tender portion of the stems Habitat in Which it is Found/ Harvesting Season/ Special Considerations: This plant likes disturbed soil so […]

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Nootropics and Improving Cognitive Function

Understanding how our brains function and learning ways we can support that is part of the Advanced Topics in Herbal Medicine. The following links are resources to support the information shared during class. Brain Overview Brain Anatomy Alzheimers Hypomania v Mania Neurotransmitters Neurons Synapse Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor […]

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Vigorous exercise is one of the best therapies for Metabolic Syndrome

Resources for Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome (also known as Syndrome X or Insulin Resistance) is an increasingly common disorder in modern society. It is primarily due to easy access to poor quality carbs combined with a sedentary lifestyle. This condition, including a detailed herb – diet – lifestyle protocol, is addressed during the Advanced Topics in Herbal Medicine course. […]

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Sedona herbal medicine” Sphaeralcea, globe mallow

Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

In recent years, the issue of intestinal inflammation, commonly known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, has become a topic of much discussion and some controversy.      The protocol for Leaky Gut Syndrome is addressed in detail in our Advanced Topics in Herbal Medicine program. The following links have been gathered to support the information shared in class. […]

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Hawthorn, cardiac tonic, crataegus

Diet & Nutrition Resources on the Web

One of the challenges to healthy eating in the modern world is the need to sort through a flood of often contradictory information: all of it claiming to be the most accurate, healthiest and final word in diets. The sources shared on this page are the ones I have used repeatedly over the years and […]

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