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Plant Profile – Peppermint Leaf

This Profile is for the herbal preparation and is not meant for peppermint essential oil use.  Botany Mentha x piperita (Laminaceae) X  means this plant is a hybrid, a cross between two plants. Although there is some controversy over which two, it is generally accepted that spearmint (Mentha spicata) and water mint (Mentha aquatica) brought… Continue >>>

Plant Profile: Monarda

Botanical Name: Monarda fistula var. menthafolia (Laminaceae) Common Names: Bee Balm, Oregano de la Sierra, Wild Oregano, Mountain Oregano Southwest Habitat: Grows in colonies, usually found in riparian habitats or dry stream beds. Occasionally found away from water in small depressions in the ground where a bit of extra moisture collects. Fairly easy to cultivate… Continue >>>

My Views on the Essential Oil Industry

The validity and safety of essential oils are two areas of ongoing confusion in the alternative healing community. This article gives my views on these challenging topics. Education v Marketing Some of the gatherings and classes in the industry are advertised as education when, in fact, they are nothing more than a sales pitch. There… Continue >>>

Tulsi Essential Oil

Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum, Lamiaceae, also known as Holy Basil) is one of the most revered medical and spiritual plants in India and is becoming increasingly popular in this country. The use of Tulsi as an essential oil is less known. However it is one of my favorite oils and it makes a valuable addition to… Continue >>>

Is the Internal Use of Aromatic Oils Safe?

This is a hot topic in the essential oil community these days and an area with much confusion. One group uses the occasional few drops in a drink, food or herb preparation. Another group recommends much higher amounts that to me seem scary and dangerous. A third group says to never, ever use these concentrated… Continue >>>

Sponsoring A Class

Sponsoring A Class

Sponsoring an Herb Class People interested in studying herbal medicine may receive free class tuition by sponsoring a course, either in your town or at our school in Flagstaff. Guidelines for the complimentary course are: A minimum of six students pay full price, in advance, by the agreed upon deadline. The host attends the class… Continue >>>

Fresh Perspectives on the Use of Essential Oils

Our Foundations of Herbal Medicine program spent the weekend working with and learning about essential oils. Each time I teach this part of the course, it always strikes me how much I learn from the experience of interacting with the oils. My understanding of them deepens and my appreciation of this field grows. Watching people’s… Continue >>>

Using Aromatic Plant Medicine: the Science & Tradition of Essential Oils

Using Aromatic Plant Medicine: the Science & Tradition of Essential Oils

Below are notes on the variety of topics presented during the Using Aromatic Plant Medicine: the Science & Tradition of Essential Oils course. Each class includes lecture, discussion with Q&A, detailed handouts and direct interaction with a variety of oils. (Student comments from previous essential oil classes are here.) The Role of Essential Oils in the… Continue >>>

Latest Courses

Herbal Skin Care Workshop

Herbal Skin Care Workshop

Join us for this informative class that shows you how to make: -skin lotion -healing salve -herbal oil in your own kitchen. These herb-based skin care products and techniques have been used for 20+ years in my own herb practice. Using only the best quality ingredients, these products surpass any available off the store shelf.… Continue >>>

Colorado Herbal Medicine Field Study

Colorado Herbal Medicine Field Study

This is the itinerary for the optional field study trip offered to students enrolled in the Foundations of Herbal Medicine program for 2019. More details will be shared at the first class meeting in February. Students are responsible for food, lodging (camping or hotel) and transportation. The dates for the 2019 program are July 22-25.… Continue >>>

Educational Resources

Pregnancy and Parenting Resources

This article provides resources for promoting health-balance-support during the pregnancy, birth and nursing stages of life for the baby, mother and father/co-parent. It is most definitely *not* meant as a complete substitute for healthcare from a certified medical provider. One of my mentors, Dr Aviva Romm, says it best – “When in doubt, check it… Continue >>>

Resources for Therapeutic Mushrooms

Resources for Therapeutic Mushrooms

There are many mushrooms used therapeutically in the herb community with Reishi (Ganoderma spp.) being the the best known. One of the challenges to effectively using these gifts from the fungal world is knowing how to process them. While plants have cellulose, mushrooms have chitin. This substance is extremely hard and makes extraction difficult. The… Continue >>>

Diet Strategies for Reducing Chronic & Systemic Inflammation

Diet Strategies for Reducing Chronic & Systemic Inflammation

Included below are the notes used during the Diet, Nutrition and Inflammation portions of our curriculum. It is a succinct look at how the foods we eat affect our internal inflammatory state. While the actual classes go into more detail, the foods listed here are good places to begin improving one’s health in this area.… Continue >>>

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