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Using Aconitum Medicinally

Using Aconitum Medicinally

Aconitum is a part of our local flora and a plant that has long fascinated me. This plant, commonly known as Monkshood, is found in only a few places locally. It requires extra moisture so it prefers riparian habitats. It is a beautiful deep blue flower that strongly resembles the hood of a medieval monk… Continue >>>

Herbal Actions & Categories

Herbs work in very different ways than modern pharmaceutical drugs. This difference is rarely well explained in books and is the source of much confusion for folks who are new to using herbal medicine. This article comes from my desire to explain and provide some clarity in this area. These Herbal Actions & Categories are… Continue >>>

Recent Herb Publications

Here is a list of books that have been published recently and that I have either read and recommend or that I am eager to read because they look great. 1. Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism: Elite Herbs and Natural Compounds for Mastering Stress, Aging, and Chronic Disease by Donald Yance The author, Donald Yance is… Continue >>>

My Herbal Library

Most herbalists I know love books. We spend hours in used bookstores, surfing Amazon and exploring local libraries. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight to be found in the written word. Like so many areas of our lives these days, the vast number of choices of herb books can be overwhelming and… Continue >>>

Sponsoring A Class

Sponsoring A Class

Sponsoring an Herb Class People interested in studying herbal medicine may receive free class tuition by sponsoring a course, either in your town or at our school in Flagstaff. Guidelines for the complimentary course are: A minimum of six students pay full price, in advance, by the agreed upon deadline. The host attends the class… Continue >>>

How Much Herb Do I Use?

Plants are alive. They are intelligent beings that respond to, and interact with, their environment. In this way, they are similar to humans. When two forms of intelligence interact, each relationship is unique. Relationships develop and change over time. This is why the amount and frequency of herb usage varies depending on the person, the… Continue >>>

Active or Passive Healthcare?

A key difference between mainstream and herbal medicine is the concept of passive vs. active consumers. Many people I know who choose to use mainstream healthcare pay little to no attention to their diet, lifestyle or stress level. They go through life until they get sick, then go to the doctor with the attitude the… Continue >>>

Latest Courses

Outdoor Herbal Apprentice Program 2021

Outdoor Herbal Apprentice Program 2021

Total Beginners are Welcome!Much of the herb community is going to online education in 2021 to provide safe social distancing. While this is necessary for health reasons, I realized I would greatly miss being outside with the plant world and sharing it with fellow herbalists. The Outdoor Herbal Apprentice Program is a way to meet… Continue >>>

9 Month “Foundations of Herbal Medicine” Course for 2021

9 Month “Foundations of Herbal Medicine” Course for 2021

Total Beginners are Welcome! Many people begin using herbs in small steps – something for sleep, a cold or maybe a headache. As one continues on the herbal path of independent study, information is pulled from many sources. After a few years, this person begins to identify as an herbalist and continues to increase both… Continue >>>

Educational Resources

Winter Herbal Health Kit

Strategies for Robust Health During the Winter Cold and Flu Season (More products are available in our Community Herb Store) Throughout most of his career, 19th century French chemist Louis Pasteur insisted that germs were the cause of disease. It wasn’t until Pasteur was nearing the end of his life that he came to believe… Continue >>>

Clinical Herbalism: How to do an Herbal Consult

After the: ~Plant Walks~Herb Conferences~Tincture and Salve Making~Plant Chemistry Charts~Essential Oil Smelling~Energetics Analysis ~and Monograph Writing…How do you put it all together and apply it to actually doing an herbal consult? This is a live online workshop that walks you through the steps of doing a consult.This information and ability can be used both in… Continue >>>

Client Compliance When Using Herbs

One of the key challenges in the successful use of herbs is actually ingesting the plant preparation, known as compliance. This is a basic issue and one that often gets overlooked. Regardless of the quality of the herb or the herbal tradition from which it is given, herbal medicine will not be successful if the… Continue >>>

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