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Canaigre, Desert rhubarb, Rumex hymenosepalus

Plant Profile: Desert Rhubarb

Botanical Name: Rumex hymenosepalus Family: Polygonaceae Common Names: Red Dock, Desert Rhubarb, Wild Rhubarb Part Used for Medicine: Tubers Habitat in Which it is Found/ Harvesting Season/ Special Considerations: It is found in sandy areas between 3,000’ and 6,000’. Common in the Verde Valley and the many sandy areas around Page, Arizona. The farthest north […]

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Arizona herbal medicine

Herbal & Foraging Field Guides for the American Southwest

Book & Internet Resources for Herbal Field Study in Arizona and the Colorado Plateau Field Guides for the Southwest The focus of these books is plant identification rather than herbal usage. In general,  books arranged by plant families and that use pen and ink drawings are considered more academic and geared to more experienced botanists. Books […]

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9 Month “Foundations of Herbal Medicine” Course for 2018

Many people begin using herbs in small steps – something for sleep, a cold or maybe a headache. As one continues on the herbal path of independent study, information is pulled from many sources. After a few or several years, this person begins to identify as an herbalist and continues to increase both the learning […]

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How to Locate Medicinal & Edible Plants in the Arid SW

Changing elevation in the Southwest changes temperature, precipitation levels, evaporation rates and results in dependable and predictable changes in both flora and fauna. I consider these to be ‘normal’ places provide ‘normal’ flora. Keep in mind that even an undisturbed environment with average temperatures, water supply and sunlight for a given climate will provide many […]

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Survival Training in Flagstaff, Arizona

This is a selection of photos taken during various survival classes in the Utah desert, northern Arizona and other off the grid locations in the Four Corners area. Some programs emphasize, shelter, signal and fire, while others provide instruction in long term living off the land, foraging and food acquisition. The length of these group […]

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