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Monthly Payments – Foundations of Herbal Medicine 2020

If you wish to use our Payment Plan for the “Foundations of Herbal Medicine 2020” course, use the following shopping cart buttons.

By using the Payment Plan, the student agrees to the following:

  • The Foundations of Herbal Medicine course is purchased in its entirety. There is no refund for missed classes or for students who stop coming to class. Students may not pick and choose which classes to attend and/or pay for.
  • Payments must be made on time each month. The due date is listed for each month. A student who is late making a payment will not be able to attend further class meetings until the payments are up to date.


Total Cost: $2,460

Make one payment of $2460


A discounted price of $2310 is offered if the course is paid in full before December 1, 2019.

Make one payment of $2310


Use the Paypal buttons below for the monthly payment plan

January 1st Payment: $399  


February 1st Payment: $229


March 1st Payment: $229


April 1st Payment: $229


May 1st Payment: $229


June 1st Payment: $229


July 1st Payment: $229


August 1st Payment: $229


September 1st Payment: $229


October 1st Payment: $229



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