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Advanced Topics in Herbal Medicine

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This 3 weekend class offers topics for continuing education to herbalists that have working knowledge of:
Herbal Energetics – Materia Medica – Herbal Pharmacy – Wildcrafting & Botany and other foundation areas in using healing plants.

The course is primarily offered to people who have previously completed the Family Herbalist Program or the Foundations of Herbal Medicine Program at our school.
If you have studied with another school and wish to attend these Advanced classes, contact me for details.

Weekend Dates in Flagstaff California Poppy
January 20-21
February 24-25
March 16-17
March 23-24 is reserved for a make-up class in case of a winter storm cancellation

All classes meet from 9am to mid afternoon with a lunch break.

A broad overview of inflammation, acute vs chronic, local vs systemic, its short term benefits vs long term damage, the effects of diet and ways to use herbs both topically and internally to reduce excess inflammation

Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS)
Understanding the science and physiology of LGS
Common causes of LGS
Food intolerances and inflammation
The role of digestion in auto-immune conditions
Working with the leaky gut client
Pre & Pro-biotics
Ayurvedic and TCM views of digestion and LGS
Materia Medica categories

The TCM and Ayurvedic views of pain
The physiology and causes of pain
Other therapies to use in addition to herbs
Materia Medica categories
How to build herbal formulas for pain

Brain, Memory and Cognitive Health
Introduction to the anatomy & physiology of the brain
Understanding healthy brain function in the modern world
Materia Medica of nootropics – herbs and supplements that support healthy brain function
Use & abuse of nootropics
Beyond herbs: holistic approaches to brain health

Percolation Tincture
A demonstration and detailed notes on making a Percolation Tincture, which is an alternative to the common maceration process.

How to Create Herbal Pairs and Formulas
Herbs are initially introduced as individual plants.
While this is necessary, it doesn’t provide the whole picture of their therapeutic potential.

This class addresses guidelines for how to combine individual plants into herbal pairs and then turning these pairs into formulas.
This is one of the most effective ways to increase the healing powers of herbal medicine.

You will have the opportunity to ask about specific plants you are already using and we’ll turn these into herbal pairs.

Viewing the liver from the excess/deficient perspective of Michael Moore
TCM and Ayurvedic perspectives of the liver“Arizona Herbal medicine” “Durango Herbal medicine” “Albuquerque Herbal medicine” “Sedona herbal medicine” “Denver Herbal medicine” “Boulder, Colorado Herbal medicine” “Phoenix herbal medicine” “Colorado herbal medicine” “Las Vegas herbal medicine” “Prescott herbal medicine” “Flagstaff herbal medicine” “Oak Creek Canyon” “New Mexico herbal medicine”
Its role in the menstrual cycle
How the liver influences mood and emotions
Materia Medica for various liver conditions

Its connection to the immune system
The importance of the Flow
Lifestyle and Material Medica for the Lymphatic System

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