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Clinical Herbalism: How to do an Herbal Consult

After the:
~Plant Walks
~Herb Conferences
~Tincture and Salve Making
~Plant Chemistry Charts
~Essential Oil Smelling
~Energetics Analysis
~and Monograph Writing…
How do you put it all together and apply it to actually doing an herbal consult?

This is a live online workshop that walks you through the steps of doing a consult.
This information and ability can be used both in a formal Clinical Herbalist setting and for the Community Herbalist who is working with family and within one’s community.

There is no formal pre-requisite for this workshop. However…
It is assumed that people who attend have a working knowledge of:
~Herbal Actions
~Making Herbal Pharmacy
~Personal Experience Using Herbs
~And at least an introductory herb course or extended dedicated independent study.

What Will I Learn?
These topics will be addressed step by step:
1. Pre-Consult
Understand your reasons for being a clinical herbalist
Understand the legal and ethical issues
Financial Considerations
Where will you meet?
How much time is given to the initial intake?

2. Doing an Initial Intake/Interview
How to learn about the individual.
How to learn about the specific health Issue.
How to do a Review of Body Systems
Red Flags – danger signs to look for
Working with pharmaceuticals

3. Assessment
Based on the Intake:
What is the imbalance?
What is the cause?
What do you think is happening?

4. Plan
Based on the Assessment:
What needs to happen for healing to occur?
How to write a Plan.
Examples will be given.
How to address client compliance.
Working with chronic health Issues
What to do if you feel overwhelmed as the herbalist.

5. The Follow Up
How to determine if the consult was successful.
What to do if the consult wasn’t successful.

A sample of one of the topics:
Client Compliance

This workshop is a complete presentation for doing an herbal consult.
You will be provided with 50 pages of class notes to accompany the live workshop.
The process, forms and information are helpful even if you have no intention of doing this professionally.
All the workshop topics apply to using herbs for your own healing or simply working within your family or community.

Date & Time:
January 17, 20, 24, 2021
6 – 9pm on each of the three evenings
On the Zoom platform

You will receive the class notes and recommended readings one week before the first meeting.
All the sessions will be recorded and can be viewed at your convenience at a later date.

This workshop is full.
Registration is closed.


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