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Community Herb Store

Our Community Herb Store is a collection of small batch, homemade herbal products that have been used in my clinical, family and personal healing for 25+ years.

The inventory is ever changing and often reflects seasonal availability.
At any one time, you will find 100+ individual herb extracts, herb-infused oils, salves, cough syrups, herbal honeys and wild green vinegars.
In addition to the single herb products, there are a wide range of formulas; some I consider classic formulas as they have stood the test of time and some are custom-created for individual clients.
At times, even the raw ingredients for medicine making are available such as glycerin, amber bottles, beeswax and more.

This is not a store with a trendy name.
The labels are not fancy.
The plant ingredients don’t reflect the latest pop culture healing fad.
It is a collection of time-tested remedies that are offered to the wider community as needed.

If you or a loved one are in need of a specific herbal product or would like a formula custom-created for a specific health need, contact me at:


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