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Cooking on a Wood Stove

The first major snow of the winter is around the corner and our wood stove is doing its job keeping us and our kitties toasty warm.

Over the past several winters, we have been cooking more and more with wood to the point where we actually use less propane with the kitchen stove in the winter than we do in summer.

Many of our dishes are spontaneous, depending on what is available.
The measurements are visual; there is lots of leeway with this style of cooking.

Here is what we made today:
In a cast iron fry pan, pour in some olive oil and add a few chunks of coconut oil.
Then add:
2 pieces of chicken, any cut
2 handfuls of bite size pieces of butternut squash
One fresh minced turmeric root
Minced fresh ginger to taste
A grated burdock root (found in health food stores or known as ‘gobo’ in Asian groceries)
Sliced fresh shittake mushrooms

Cover and place on a metal hotplate on the stove. The hot plate raises the fry pan just a bit off the wood stove so it doesn’t burn. Also, a cast iron pan works better than other options.
Leave it on the stove until the chicken is done. This is usually about 45 minutes.

A quick and easy to make, delicious and healthy meal.
Welcome snow!


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