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Double Maceration

The standard method of making a dry plant tincture is one part herb by weight to five parts menstruum by volume. An example is two ounces of licorice root in 10 fluid ounces of menstruum. The finished product is labelled 1:5.

When to Use a Double Maceration
A few herbs are light and fluffy enough that this ratio doesn’t work. Mullein leaves, calendula flowers and rose buds are examples. One ounce of these herbs in a jar takes up more space that 5 ounces of menstruum can cover. For these herbs the double maceration process is used.

Double Maceration Example
Combine one ounce dried mullein leaf and 10 ounces menstruum in a canning jar. Let sit for at least two weeks and strain. This menstruum (now a mullein tincture) is a 1:10 ratio.

Use the 1:10 mullein tincture as the menstruum and add another one ounce of dried mullein leaf. You may need to add a bit of fresh menstruum to get precisely 10 ounces. Let sit for at least an additional two weeks and strain. The final product is now 1:5.


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