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Healing Resources for PTSD and Moral Injury

The following links provide resources for a better understanding of these issues and show examples of the work that people are doing to promote healing in their own communities.

I want to acknowledge that both PTSD and Moral Injury exist outside the military combat experience.
I have chosen to keep the links on this page focused on healing for our veterans.
The exceptions are the last three links:
“Ayurvedic Perspectives”
“Transforming Trauma Stored in the Body”
“Restoration & Balance”

My Deployment Was Not an ‘Adventure,’ as a Children’s Book Tried to Tell My Daughters

PTSD Specialist Explains Stress Science

Grief, Post Traumatic Stress, and Moral Injury

MORAL INJURY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA exists to help past and present military personnel and their families recover from moral and psychological trauma suffered in service to our nation.

When You Can’t Be a Warrior Anymore…Is There a Reason to Go On?

The blog of Thomas C Davis, a Vietnam combat veteran, minister and counselor

Asking the Clergy: How can faith be a healing experience for veterans?

‘Guilt was the biggest injury’: how veterans are using poetry to heal

Spiritual Approaches Critical to Veterans Dealing With PTSD

Ayurvedic Perspectives on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Transforming Trauma Stored in the Body: A Holistic Approach to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Restoration & Balance: Chinese Medicine’s Gift to Survivors of Trauma

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