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How to Make Echinacea More Effective

Echinacea has a well known tradition of being used at the first sign of a cold. The most effective way to use this herb is to take the alcohol extract in small, frequent doses throughout the day. My preferred amount is a dropperful every one to two hours for an average size adult.

Timing is also important. It is best to begin use of this herb at the initial sign of a cold, within the first few hours. Waiting until day two or three to start reduces the effectiveness noticeably.

A misconception I notice with some people is the idea that this herb is a ‘magic pill’ and will quickly ‘fix’ the person so they can continue living a high stress lifestyle with a poor diet and insufficient sleep.

A cold is often a strong sign than one needs to slow down, get better quality sleep and reduce stress levels. After all, this is what we are often forced to do when we have a cold. Realizing this, these lifestyle changes alone can be quite helpful in cold prevention or reducing the length or severity of the imbalance.

Echinacea can be very effective when used in this context. It is less effective when used in a fast paced, unhealthy lifestyle. It can even be detrimental if it works just well enough to allow the person to continue the unhealthy habits.


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