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This page has recently been created to provide alcohol-based extracts to the herb community.
These extracts are usually reserved for clients and students. However, I have recently received many requests and inquiries related to the current health conditions and have decided to make these available to the broader community.

~Nothing is promised, guaranteed or inferred in connection to a specific use, safety or effectiveness of these herbs.
~I am not a doctor. I am a community herbalist who has been studying, using and teaching herbal medicine for 25 years.
~These bottles will be sent by postal mail. They will have basic labels. You need to know why you are ordering a specific herb or formula and how to use it with little to no guidance from me.
~There is a strong chance basic services will be shut down soon. I will not be able to get the to post office if this happens. If this is something you need, act now.
~My school has a wide variety of alcohol extracts in stock. I will not attempt to list every one. If you need something not listed, ask me.
~Most extracts are made with organic cane alcohol. The herbs have either been harvested/wildcrafted personally by me or by herbal colleagues who I know and trust.
~I will get these out as long as my supplies last and as long as I am able to get to the post office.

Click on the PayPal button for the desired size bottle.
The cost is $50 for 4 oz of tincture or $85 for 8 oz. Both sizes include postage.
Then email me at with the specifics of your order including a postal address.

4 oz extract


8 oz extract

Currently Available 3-15-2020
Osha root
Yerba Santa leaf
Ashwaghanda root
Tulsi leaf and flower
Yerba Manza root
Red Root
Lomatium root
Artichoke leaf
Fresh Milky Oats tops
Yarrow leaf and flower
Isatis root
Andrographis root
Cleavers tops
Hawthorn berry
Hawthorn fresh flower
Pedicularis leaf and flower
Skullcap aerial parts

Email me if you have a specific formula or desired effect in mind.
There are many tried and true formulas and herbal pairs available.


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