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Herbal CSA – Winter Seasonal Health Kit

Herbal CSA for Winter
The Winter Seasonal Health Kit has been created to address the seasonal health challenges for the coldest and darkest time of year.

Characteristics of Winter
The key challenges to staying healthy in this season is what I refer to as Winter Grunge: colds, flu, cough, sore throats and general congestion.

 The products included in this Seasonal Kit have been created to assist the Immune System to stay strong and resist the airborne bugs that present a daily challenge during winter.

The Kit includes:

  1. Lung Support Syrup 8 oz
  2. Winter Health Tincture 2 oz
  3. Decongestant Honey 4 oz
  4. Throat Soothing Spray 2 oz
  5. Detailed notes on how to use the products and other ways to stay healthy during winter

If purchased separately, the price of these items is $66.00. Purchased as an Herbal CSA Kit, the price  is reduced to $52.00. Kits are mailed close to December 1 and arrive on your doorstep a few days later. 

To purchase, simply fill out the following form. Upon submission, you will automatically be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase.





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