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Record Keeping for the Community Herbalist

Record keeping is an important aspect of being an herbalist even though it may not be as enjoyable as spending a day in the canyons and meadows among the wildflowers.

The chart included at the link below is a form I have used for many years.
It includes all the pertinent information needed to keep track of the
When – Where – How – How Much of making extracts.

Batch and Lot Numbers
When wildcrafting and harvesting herbs, always assign a number to that particular batch or lot. This provides for easy tracking. This number goes on the label or in the records of any product you create from a particular herb harvest.

Each herbalist eventually finds what works for them.
My method is simple and effective:
The first three letters of the Genus + the numerical date

If I process Leonurus cardiaca on May 1, 2019, the Batch # reads:

This Batch # goes on the label and all the record keeping of making, storing, selling and using this tincture or other product.

If an herb is purchased commercially from an herb wholesaler, their packaging should have a unique Batch or Lot # for that particular package of herb.
This should be included in your personal record keeping even though you create a new number for your extract product.

I hope you find this chart helpful in your healing work.

Extract Information Chart


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