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Old Time Botanical Prints

I am especially fond of the old time hand drawn and colored plant illustrations that were common before the age of **  became the norm.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of photography and love sharing my own plant images on the web. But there is something very relaxed, slow and mindful about these illustrations. They remind me of the difference between fast food and slow food.

From an academic – botanical view, the artists who created these prints included the specific features of each genus or species that is used to identify and categorize the plant. So besides their visual beauty, they are very practical to the academic world. A good combination.

These are available here and there around the internet. I have been collecting them for several years as a personal interest. I have decided to share them with you here in the hopes that you will at least find them enjoyable to view and perhaps even learn some botany while you are at it. And maybe… this will inspire you to slow down and linger for a while.







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