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Using Essential Oil Diffusers for Winter Health

During the colder, darker months of the year, we spend more time indoors. This increased indoor time is also when the airborne viruses of colds and flu are most active. One of my favorite health promoting activities during this time of year is to use an ultrasonic diffuser with essential oils.

I find this approach effective because the diffused oils are spread throughout a room in the same way as the airborne virus. We can catch a cold or the flu by being in an enclosed space where people are coughing and sneezing. The particles of aromatic oils diffused throughout the room provide immune support to our respiratory system in the same way we encounter the viruses.

Many essential oils have immune supporting functions. Some of the oils are especially helpful for respiratory health. Here are two of my favorite blends for use with diffusers:

Blend 1
Silver Fir (Abies alba – Any conifer is good in this role but this is a personal favorite)
Eucalyptus (There are several species avaialble from the better companies. E. Smithii or E. radiata are best for children. E. globulus is a personal favorite.)
Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)
Use 3-4 drops of each oil in the water-filled diffuser.

Blend 2
Combine the following oils in a larger bottle. Then use 5-10 drops of the combination in the water-filled diffuser.
Lemon 10 drops
Eucalyptus 40 drops
Peppermint 10 drops
Rosemary 10 drops

Purchasing a Diffuser
Here are a two tips for what to look for when purchasing a diffuser:
It should be quiet, almost silent , for use in bedrooms and during a massage
It should have a timer so one does not continually breathe in the oils for hours at a time
The diffuser links provided have these features.

Sources for Quality Diffusers


Go HERE for a brief video on how to use a diffuser.

Go HERE for recommended essential oil companies.


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