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Keep It Simple with Herbs

I think it is easy to make our herb work more complicated than it needs to be. Working with a woman recently who was feeling under the weather reminded me of this.

Day 1: I was contacted in the evening by a woman who says she had many flu-like symptoms including body aches and a fever. These had started during the day, She was going to bed early to get extra rest.

Day 2: We met in the morning, I gave her a bottle of Elderberry Elixir with the directions to take a teaspoon every hour, eat lightly and rest well.

Day 3: She called and said she was feeling much better, about 80% improved. She continued with the Elixir, rest and light eating.

Day 4: She said she was almost 100% better. She took the elixir just a few times during the day, drank some hot tea and rested at home. Her holiday vacation time made this easier to do.

Day 7: She reported some slight lingering sinus congestion and was drinking hot honey-lemon water. She felt ”Great!” and was back to normal.

What struck me about this experience is that the treatment was a combination of a fairly easy to make herbal remedy and some old fashioned common sense health care.
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Recipe for Elderberry Elixir (there are endless versions of this so feel free to experiment)

  • Get a one quart mason jar.
  • Fill it half full with dried elderberries
  • Add a pinch of Clove powder
  • Add one tablespoon of Tulsi (optional but good if you have it)
  • Fill jar 3/4 full with vodka, then fill the remaining 1/4 with a good quality local honey. Shake or stir until the honey-vodka is well blended
  • Stir well so there are no air bubbles and everything is mixed
  • Let sit for 2-4 weeks, strain out and discard the elder berries (a pasta colander works well) and use the liquid Elixir as needed

The taste is delightful. Compliance won’t be a problem!


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