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Resources for Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome (also known as Syndrome X or Insulin Resistance) is an increasingly common disorder in modern society. It is primarily due to easy access to poor quality carbs combined with a sedentary lifestyle. This condition, including a detailed herb – diet – lifestyle protocol, is addressed during the Advanced Topics in Herbal Medicine course.

Vigorous exercise is one of the best therapies for Metabolic Syndrome

The links below have been gathered to support the class-based materials. Many of these links are to diabetic websites. The information is helpful to anyone who wants to lose excess weight, balance blood sugar or increase heart health. The relevance of these sites is most definitely *not* limited to people with diabetes.

Human Growth Hormone and Exercise

Chromium and Blood Sugar

Omega 3 and Blood Sugar

Magnesium and Blood Sugar

Zinc and Blood Sugar

Antioxidants and Blood Sugar

An Overview of Vitamins that Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

An article revealing the sugar industry attempts to hide the health dangers of processed sugar

Triglycerides and Blood Sugar

A 25 page .pdf file detailing the various sweeteners available on the market and the pros and cons of each. This file is supported with references and links to many other sweet-related articles by the same author. A must for for becoming better informed about our relationship to sweetness.



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