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Resources for Therapeutic Mushrooms

There are many mushrooms used therapeutically in the herb community with Reishi (Ganoderma spp.) being the the best known.“Arizona Herbal medicine” “Sedona herbal medicine” “Phoenix herbal medicine” “Colorado herbal medicine” “Las Vegas herbal medicine” “Prescott herbal medicine” “Flagstaff herbal medicine” “Oak Creek Canyon” “New Mexico herbal medicine” “Flagstaff essential oil” “Flagstaff essential oils” “Flagstaff aromatherapy” “Prescott essential oil” “Prescott essential oils” “Prescott aromatherapy” “Sedona essential oil” “Sedona essential oils” “Sedona aromatherapy” “Phoenix essential oil” “Phoenix essential oils” “Phoenix aromatherapy” “Las Vegas essential oil” “Las Vegas essential oils” “Las Vegas aromatherapy”

One of the challenges to effectively using these gifts from the fungal world is knowing how to process them. While plants have cellulose, mushrooms have chitin. This substance is extremely hard and makes extraction difficult. The usual methods of making teas and tinctures don’t work.

This page is a collection of the best resources I have encountered for:
-learning how to thoroughly and effectively extract the healing properties from fungi
-reliable information on how various species can be used
-where to find the best quality products products

Top quality  organic powders and capsules processed in a way that makes the 1,3-Beta Glucans bioavailable.

Excellent information on ways to process mushrooms for folks who prefer to make their own medicine.

A slide lecture from Christopher Hobbs, a highly respected herbalist who was teaching about mushrooms before they became trendy.

An overview of the history, chemistry and therapeutics of mushrooms from Christopher Hobbs

The home of Paul Stamets, the godfather of therapeutic mushroom use in the US.

A Reishi monograph from Renee Davis


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