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Apiaceae for Herbalists

The common names for the Apiaceae family are either the carrot or parsley family. The old family name was Umbelliferae; some books still show this and occasionally botanists still use this older name out of habit.

Daucus carota - these seeds are the source for Carrot Seed essential oil
Daucus carota – these seeds are the source for Carrot Seed essential oil

This is an *extremely* important family to know. One reason is that it has abundant herbs, spices and foods. A more important reason is that two of the deadliest poisonous plants in North America are in this family. The bottom line is: do not wildcraft, handle, nibble or use any plant in this family until and unless you are absolutely sure of its identity.

It is just as important to know which poisonous plants to avoid.
The link to poison hemlock is here.
The link to water hemlock is here.

Dill – carminative
Ajwan – known as Ayurvedic celery seed, it is highly aromatic and high in Thymol, giving it anti-microbial properties.
Caraway – carminative, often used in sauerkraut and rye bread.osha “Arizona Herbal medicine” “Sedona herbal medicine” “Phoenix herbal medicine” “Colorado herbal medicine” “Las Vegas herbal medicine” “Prescott herbal medicine” “Flagstaff herbal medicine” “Oak Creek Canyon” “New Mexico herbal medicine”
Sweet Cicely
Coriander – a cooling spice, common in Indian cuisine and used in Ayurveda
Osha – highly aromatic, the root is one of our finest winter cold-flu-cough remedies
Gotu Kola – Centella asiatica – is in a subfamily of Apiaceae.
Angelica sinensis – known as Dong Quai in TCM, the root slices are a blood tonic.
Angelica archangelica –  a staple of Western Herbalism, the aromatic root is an outstanding part of digestive bitter formulas
Queen Anne’s Lace – Daucus carota – the wild ancestor to the common garden carrot. The seeds provide us with an essential oil that is exquisite for skin care.



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