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Community Herbalist Program for 2022

The herb community in the US currently offers many beginning courses in working with healing plants. Many of are quite good. The challenge is how to continue one’s journey along the herbal path and deepen one’s skills and understanding of using herbs to promote health.

The Community Herbalist Program has been created for people who already have some formal training in using plant medicine and have integrated herbs into their lives.
These people are committed to going deeper into the many topics related to this craft.
The Community Herbalist program is a natural continuation of the Family Herbalist program.

Topics Presented Include:
1. Intro to Botany – Life Zones of the Southwest – Wildcrafting & Sustainability Issues
2. Ayurveda – a variety of topics within this traditional healing system beginning with the 5 Elements and 3 Doshas and extending from this base
3. Ways to use herbs to support the health of the Liver, Lymph and Detox systems
5. Depression and Anxiety – using herbs, lifestyle and nutrition + integrating Ayurvedic concepts
6. Systemic Inflammation
7. Chronic Pain
8. Healing the Gut – causes, signs of gut inflammation and diet and herbs for healing

Herbal Pharmacy Includes:
~Understanding the connection between Plant Chemistry – Solvents – Polarity
~Advanced Salve Making – working with resins in general and making pine resin salve
~Advanced Tincture Making – percolation
~Skin Lotion

Field Study Opportunities

Optional overnight Field Study opportunities to the:
~Sonoran Desert
~Verde Valley
~Colorado Rockies

Community Herbalist Calendar for 2022
The time and dates below have been worked out to allow for people who travel from out of town to benefit from a live in-person group.
The one-weekend-a-month format is offered so people from around the Southwest can fly or drive to Flagstaff once a month for the group meetings.
In past years, people have commuted from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tucson, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Oklahoma and Durango.
The optional plant walks are done on Fridays before the regular class to allow for easier scheduling for traveling folks.
The 9:00am start time allows for people from the Phoenix, Page and Prescott areas to readily commute for the day.

Dates for Weekend Gatherings and Field Study
March 12-13 Weekend Herb Class
March 19-20 optional Field Study overnight trip to the Sonoran desert in Arizona (a single day option is available)
April 7-8 optional Field Study overnight trip to the Pinon-Juniper zone in Arizona (a single day option is available)
April 30-May 1 Weekend Herb Class
May 21-22 Weekend Herb Class
June 18-19 Weekend Herb Class
July 11-15 optional Field Study trip to the Rocky Mountains in SW Colorado
August 19 Friday optional plant walk in a riparian habitat
August 20-21 Weekend Herb Class
September – dates TBD – Weekend Herb Class
October 8-9 Weekend for make up class if needed

Class meeting times are 9:00 am through mid-afternoon, around 3:00 – 4:00 pm.
The ending time varies depending on questions and group discussions.

Location and COVID
As the schedule for this course is being developed during the summer of 2021, the public health situation is in flux.
The plan is to meet indoors for the classes on making herbal pharmacy
Meet outdoors in various locales around Flagstaff and the Verde Valley for the classroom portions of the course
Optional Field Study trips in Arizona and SW Colorado
If indoor gatherings are not safe in 2022, we will adapt and have all our gatherings outdoors.
There are no plans to record classes. All our meetings will be in-person.

What to Do Next?
How do I decide which longer program to attend? Contact me here.
If you decide this is the right program for you, fill out the application here. You will receive a reply soon after.
The payment page (No payment is made until the application is approved)
Will this program make me a Certified Herbalist?
Do I need to attend every class? Can I view a video if I miss the class?
Is there homework?
Plant album from previous courses
Plant album from the Rocky Mountain trip
Plant album from the Sonoran Desert trip


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