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Outdoor Survival for Plant Lovers

**This workshop was initially put together after speaking with many in the plant community who voiced concern over their safety when doing field work. However, it is open to the general public as these skills apply to everyone regardless of occupation.
The minimum age to attend is 13. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent during the workshop.**


Are you a plant lover who does not wander off the beaten path as much as you would like due to the fear of getting lost or not being ready for the unexpected?

This one day workshop is specifically designed for the herbal, foraging and botany communities.

Its goal is to give you the ability and confidence to explore away from the crowds and find those special places in the great outdoors when wildcrafting, foraging and botanizing.

Skills presented include:
1. The importance of separating entertainment from education in the survival community
2. Safety guidelines to put in place before you leave the pavement
3. Determining your survival priorities for different environments
4. Fire making techniques for all types of weather
5. Specific shelters for cold, heat, wind and rain
6. A variety of ways to signal for help
7. Methods of water purification
8. First aid guidelines to support proper hydration and thermo-regulation
9. Navigation tips to keep you on course while traveling off trail

Examples of time-tested survival kits will be shown along with guidelines for creating your own.

The focus of the day is on education and empowerment – not on entertainment, suffering or endurance.
All participants will have access to food, water, a pit toilet and their vehicles throughout the day.

Details on location, what to bring and how to dress will be sent after your registration is received.

Registration closes Wednesday, October 23
Location: Outdoors at 7,000’ in the ponderosa forest just outside Flagstaff.
Date: TBD
Time: We begin at 9:00 am and go until approx. 4-5 pm with a break for lunch

Registration is closed

About the Instructor

Mike Masek has 25 years experience teaching herbal medicine and wild foods in the American Southwest.
In addition to his work with the local flora, Mike is a long time outdoor guide and has 13 years experience teaching practical and time-tested outdoor safety skills to groups and individuals at a variety of elevations in the Southwest.
He is known to have severe allergic reactions to paved parking lots, maintained trails and following the crowd.


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