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Pre-requisites for “Advanced Topics in Herbal Medicine”

The “Three Week Intensive: Advanced Topics in Herbal Medicine” is a course that begins where most introductory programs end. This course assumes that students have completed either an introductory course in herbal medicine or done extensive independent study in order to have a working knowledge of several basic foundation skills for practicing herbal medicine.

The term working knowledge means experience with actually applying these concepts while using herbs with oneself and other people. It goes beyond theoretical or book knowledge.

You should have working knowledge in the following areas to benefit from the Advanced Topics in Herbal Medicine program:

– Basic Ayurvedic concepts – Agni, Ama, Ojas, Prana, the three Doshas and the Five Elements
– Basic concepts of TCM – Chi, Jing, Shen, Yin and Yang
– Energetic Herbalism, specifically Hot-Cold, Wet-Dry, Lax-Tense and how these ideas relate to people, herbs and disease.
– Several ways to prepare herbal medicine, for both internal and topical use.
– Basic botany, specifically Family, Genus and Species.
– Essential oils including materia medica, safety issues and delivery methods
– Common imbalances and materia medica for the tissue and organ systems of the body

If you are interested in this program, you are invited to contact us to see if this training is a good fit for you. Another program, Foundations of Herbal Medicine is the course designed for folks who are relatively new to the herbal medicine community.


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