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Herbal Apprenticeship Program

The Herbal Apprenticeship Program is an individualized course of study to support the continued learning of herbalists with previous training and experience. “Arizona Herbal medicine” “Sedona herbal medicine” “Phoenix herbal medicine” “Colorado herbal medicine” “Las Vegas herbal medicine” “Prescott herbal medicine” “Flagstaff herbal medicine” “Oak Creek Canyon” “New Mexico herbal medicine”

Who Is It For?

It is especially appropriate for past students who have completed the Foundations of Herbal Medicine course at our school. It is also open to anyone who has attended another school or has prior training and experience and wants to deepen and broaden their skill level.

It is not for people who are beginning their study of herbal medicine. These people should enroll in the Foundations of Herbal Medicine or a similar course. For those seeking assistance with a personal health issue, an Herbal Consult is recommended.

When, Where and How Often Do We Meet?

Meetings are a combination of email, phone and in-person, depending on what is appropriate and needed for a given situation.. The frequency can range from weekly to monthly. This can change over time, depending on your needs. Long distance students are welcome.

What is the Method of Instruction?

A combination of field work, private meetings, reading materials, listening to class tapes or emails. The method of instruction will change over time and is determined by the topic studied.

What Do I Learn?

When beginning the path of herbalism, most people start out in a general way. The early courses include botany, materia medica, medicine making, body systems and energetics. With time, most people find themselves developing stronger interests in specific areas. This program is meant to guide you more deeply into those areas to which you are drawn. There are many paths to follow. Which one you choose will ultimately be decided by you, with my input as needed. Possible topics for study include:

  • Clinical Work and Case Studies – this is a key component of intermediate and advanced study
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda – once a basic understanding of these topics is developed, there are many finer detailed questions that arise
  • Medicine Making
  • Plant Chemistry
  • Energetic Herbalism
  • Wildcrafting & Processing Herbs
  • Wild Edibles
  • Botany – Taxonomy
  • Specific Health Issues (digestion, sleep, energy, etc.)
  • Essential Oils
  • or the topic of your choice

What is the Cost?

The cost of the program is $60 per hour of the instructor’s time, charged by the minute, with no minimum. Interacting via email may require just a few minutes while consulting on a Case Study will be more involved.

The Apprenticeship Program is billed monthly with payments by cash or check.

A discount price is available for those committing to a long term program. Paying in advance allows you to receive six hours for the price of five, a 20% discount.

How Long Does the Apprenticeship Last?

The duration of this program is open ended. You may choose to use it for a few months or a few years.

What To Do
Send an email with the following information:

  1. Your experience as a formal student including schools attended, primary instructors and main influences
  2. Your experience with herbal study outside of a formal school including family or cultural teachers, readings and conferences
  3. Your experience with actually using herbal medicine, as opposed to simply studying the topic. (There is a big difference.)
  4. What areas you would like to explore in more depth. It is OK if you are not yet decided on the topic. If you are unsure of the answer, consider what your short and long term goals are in the field of herbal medicine.

Please contact us with any questions.


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