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Foundations of Herbal Medicine 2019 – Application

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When choosing a long term program for studying herbal medicine, the right connection between the instructor and student is important. This application is one way for me to get to know you, as a prospective student, better.

If you would like to know more about me as the instructor, go HERE.

You are invited to read comments from former students of the Foundations program HERE.

Answer all questions in as much detail as you feel is relevant. There are no right or wrong answers. Your honest reply is both helpful and appreciated. Feel free to contact the school if you have questions about the application.


Name: *

Phone: *

Email: *


Why did you choose this school and the Foundations of Herbal Medicine course?

After reading through the topics for the Foundations program, how do you plan to use the information and skills?

What are your long term goals in the field of herbal medicine and healing?

What is your previous experience or training in: (Previous experience is neither required nor expected.)

Healing: (This includes both mainstream and alternative approaches)

Plants: (This includes gardening, botany, landscaping, cooking, etc)

Herbal Medicine: (This includes both formal study and independent study and experience)

Are you able to attend the extra free optional Field Study days?

What would you like for me, as the instructor, to know about you to help make this a quality experience for you?

What do you see as the biggest challenge to you successfully completing this program?

Other Comments/Questions: (include any other information that is important)


Assuming you are accepted into the program, please provide the following health information (all information is confidential):

Emergency Contact Name: *

Emergency Contact Relationship: *

Emergency Contact Phone: *

Allergies: (please be specific - medications, insects, plants, gluten, etc...)

Are you at Risk of anaphylactic shock?

If yes, where do you keep the epi-pen?

Do you have any health issue or disabilities that are relevant to the activities of this program (which may include field work that involves some hiking)?

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