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Monthly Payments – Family Herbalist Program 2024

Before you go any further, let’s have a brief chat…

This program is for sincere students. (I used the word sincere rather than serious. Levity and a sense of humor help both the learning and the healing processes.)
These are people who are committed to learning a craft and a healing tradition to improve your health and that of your family.
Becoming skilled in this craft requires time and dedication.
This includes calendar and clock time.
This includes heart and brain time.
The path of acquiring the skills of herbal medicine is life changing for many. Not just for this school but for connecting to the world of healing plants in general.

Taking the step to register for this program means you:
Have calendar time to attend classes and field study and to put into home practice the skills learned each month
Have an open mind and are committed to learning the academics of herbal healing
Have an open heart to connect with the plant world, the natural world and its rhythms and cycles

For people who are open, motivated and dedicated to learning this craft, you have my complete support to help you take this path as far as you choose.

This program is not for people:
Who already have an overbooked lifestyle and are trying to squeeze in an additional obligation (this herb course) when and if you have some free time.

Business Details
There are no refunds on this course.
You are encouraged to read through the course details and get all your questions answered before registering.
To help with questions you have before registering, I am available to correspond or meet with you by phone, email, Zoom or in person in Flagstaff.
Of course, if any part of the program is cancelled due to a larger problem (virus, extreme weather or some disaster), a full refund will be made for the cancelled dates.
There is no refund for missed classes or for students who stop coming to class.
Students may not pick and choose which classes to attend and/or pay for.
Payments are made on the 1st of each month.
A student who is late making a payment will not be able to attend further class meetings until the payments are up to date.

My positive response to your application means you are welcome to enroll.
Your place in the program is promised once at least the first month’s payment is received.

The cost of this program is $1550

A discount price of $1450 is offered if paid in full by January 1, 2024


The Monthly Payment Plan

January 1st Payment: $295


February 1st Payment: $295


March 1st Payment: $160


April 1st Payment: $160


May 1st Payment: $160


June 1st Payment: $160


July 1st Payment: $160


August 1st Payment: $160



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