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Our Policies/Registration

Please take a moment to review our policies and registration information.

Course Schedule
Please click here to view our current list of courses. Simply click on each course name on the page and you will be able to read a full description of its content.

Monthly Payment Plan

Longer programs have a monthly payment option. If this is chosen, payments must be made on time each month. The due date is listed for each month on the web page for the course. A student who is late making a payment will not be able to attend further class meetings until the payments are up to date.

Initial Contact
Communication with prospective students is important to us. In the maze of texting, Twitter and emails, messages sometimes get misplaced or go un-noticed. To avoid potential problems, do the following:

After making payment via PayPal or postal mail, send an email to that includes your phone number. We send a confirmation email shortly after receiving your course payment. It is important to look for this either in your regular inbox or junk folder. If you don’t hear from us within three business days, it means wires got crossed somewhere. Please call us at 928-890-7417.

Discounts are given for early registration for some courses. See our course schedule for details. This benefits students by offering a more affordable price. It benefits the school by helping with planning.

To receive the discount, the entire course cost must be received by PayPal or the mailed check must be postmarked by the date listed on the schedule. Payment plans qualify for the discount if the final payment is received by the discount deadline.

Pre-registration is needed for each course. Classes are only open to people who have formally registered. Do not bring extra family, friends or pets.

Payment can be made via PayPal on the Courses/Workshops page of our website or by check via postal mail.
Checks should be payable to, and sent to:
The Forager’s Path LLC
809 W. Riordan Rd., Ste. 100 #327
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

Herb courses are purchased in their entirety. There is no refund for missed classes or for students who stop coming to class. Students may not pick and choose which classes to attend and/or pay for.

There are no refunds on any of our courses. Register only when you have all your questions answered and you are committed to attend.

This policy reflects the fact that most of the expenses and logistical planning, including reservations, occur long before the course begins. A course is confirmed once enough people register.

Since our courses are small by design, cancellations affect the entire group dynamics. Many people travel from out of town to attend. Both the instructor and the other students have prepared for class dates far in advance.

Admittance Policy
When studying healing and the traditional uses of plants, it is important to have the correct match or fit between the student and instructor. This is especially true for any program longer than a one day workshop. Prospective students are encouraged to contact us well before the starting date for a course to see if The Forager’s Path is the right choice for you.

On occasion, we turn away individuals from registering for our programs. This is not a common occurrence nor one we take lightly. It is done only when we feel the school and the student are not the right fit for each other.

Reviewing a Class
It is not uncommon that students wish to repeat a course they have already attended at our school.

This may be for a variety of reasons. Usually it is either to repeat a class to pick up details on a specific topic that were missed the first time or simply to be in an healing environment with other like minded people.

The cost for this is 40% of the current course price or $15, whichever is greater. No early registration, scholarships or other discounts apply to this.
Reviewing a class is dependent on available space and is decided on a case by case basis.
Repeat students need to register ahead of time; there are no informal drop-ins.

Please contact us at 928-890-7417 or email us with any questions.

Latest Courses

Herbal Skin Care Workshop

Herbal Skin Care Workshop

Join us for this informative class that shows you how to make: -skin lotion -healing salve -herbal oil in your own kitchen. These herb-based skin care products and techniques have been used for 20+ years in my own herb practice. Using only the best quality ingredients, these products surpass any available off the store shelf.… Continue >>>

Colorado Herbal Medicine Field Study

Colorado Herbal Medicine Field Study

This is the itinerary for the optional field study trip offered to students enrolled in the Foundations of Herbal Medicine program for 2019. More details will be shared at the first class meeting in February. Students are responsible for food, lodging (camping or hotel) and transportation. The dates for the 2019 program are July 22-25.… Continue >>>

Educational Resources

Variables in Determining the Strength of Herbal Pharmacy

Variables in Determining the Strength of Herbal Pharmacy

1. Time – within reason, the longer the better. The specific time duration depends on the solvent. 2. Heat – Warmth increases movement. Warming a carrier oil, honey, water or sometimes even alcohol increases extraction 3. Agitation – either continuous or intermittent 4. Surface to Volume Ratio – Within reason, the smaller the herb particles,… Continue >>>

Healing Resources for PTSD and Moral Injury

The following links provide resources for a better understanding of these issues and show examples of the work that people are doing to promote healing in their own communities. I want to acknowledge that both PTSD and Moral Injury exist outside the military combat experience. I have chosen to keep the links on this page… Continue >>>

Herbal Support of the Nervous System in Chronic Disease

It is well known that being stressed causes dis-ease. But the fact that disease causes stress is often overlooked. This is why supporting the nervous system is helpful in many (most, all?) health conditions even if the Chief Complaint is not directly related to nerves. The engagement of the nervous system is seen in multiple… Continue >>>

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